Jump Start Plus Features

Jump Start Plus is an innovative, multi-use, lithium-polymer driven power vault, able to jump start vehicles and charge a wide array of electronics. The Jump Start Plus is portable, storable, and versatile, with accessories to support your individual needs.

Each Jump Start Plus Includes:

Intelligent Jumper Clamps
Universal USB Compatibility
Mobile Charger
UL Class 2 Wall Charger

Never Wait for a Jump Again!

Handheld and lightweight, with ample peak current, the Jump Start Plus will bring your battery back to life and get you back on the road in minutes.

Power Your Devices

Charge your electronics anywhere using the Jump Start Plus’s USB ports.


Jump Start Plus has an integrated flashlight, allowing for easy night use. Strobing mode serves as a distress beacon.


Intelligent Clamp Technology

Jump Start Clamps feature reverse polarity and short circuit protection, keeping the device and your vehicle safe when jumping.

Simple to Recharge

Mobile and UL Class 2 wall chargers make it easy to always have a charged power source at your fingertips.


The Jump Start Plus is an essential part of any roadside or emergency preparedness kit in all types of vehicles and in your home.